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Kentico 12 MVC Developer Training

If you're new to Kentico, want to get up to speed with the latest versions, or simply want to see what Kentico's MVC offering is then you really should consider looking at the Kentico 12 MVC developer training. This training provides a focused walkthrough of the basics of Kentico and MVC while you build a simple, functional site that provides a good base knowledge for starting your own projects.

Getting Started with Azure DevOps

Azure DevOps is a set of tools designed to help you take an idea, and turn it into a reality. As an individual, it gives you all the tools you might need to plan your project and as a team, it gives you the power to collaborate and drive the project forward.

Testing Macros in Kentico

Macros are a very powerful part of Kentico and can be essential when it comes to extending admin areas of Kentico and adding your own custom modules and UI elements. This simple - sometimes overlooked tip - will help you along your way.

Using Kentico CI and Git to help with releases

Iterative deployment of Kentico EMS portal sites can be quite a manual process. If you're not using things like Content Staging then it's likely that you've either got your own special process or that you're using Kentico exports to deploy changes. This tip may help to speed up that process.

Talk: Chatting with data

I was fortunate enough to speak at September's .NET Oxford event this year about chatbots. More specifically an exploration of the key concepts of taking a pre-existing source of data and using a chatbot to surface this to a user in a new way.